DIY : Painted Glass Vases


This DIY is a simple fix for tired glass vases many of us have lying around our homes. This season bright neon colours are a huge trend in both fashion and home decor. Our painted vases DIY is a great way to customize your favourite neon colour from this season and bring the trend into your home for a very low cost, easy, do-it-yourself project!

Step 1. Gather your glass vases and give them a good washing with soap and water and dry completely. Paint will not stick to an unclean or wet glass surface.

Step 2. Collect your supplies. Here we created a stripe on one of our vases, so we used Frog Tape which is the best tape available to ensure a clean, no-bleed, straight line, rubber gloves to cover your hands from paint, inexpensive 1″ & 2″ foam brushes,  and any Benjamin Moore acrylic paint colour of your choice.

Step 3. Pour a small amount of paint inside your glass vase and start to cover the inside surface with a foam brush.

Step 4. We found it quite easy to continue to roll the vase around in a circular motion (assuming the vase is round) which allows the paint to cover the inside of the glass surface completely. Once the entire interior is covered, pour the excess paint back into the paint can, until there are no more drips. Then turn your vase upright and let dry – the paint will be dry shortly after, however, to ensure the paint has cured you cannot put water into the vase for a minimum of two weeks. We used ours as decorative vases until they cured!

Step 5. We decided to create a stripe of colour on the bottom half of one of our vases. To do this, take the Frog Tape and tape off a straight line on the exterior of the vase and press down to create a smooth line. Then paint the bottom half of the vase with the accent colour – this will take a few coats to completely cover the glass, make sure to wait for the first coat to dry before applying the next coat for a more solid appearance.

Now you’re finished! These vases will add an interesting pop of colour to any room in your home. Here is another example of our DIY painted glass vase with stripes, we used the same technique as step 5 above and painted stripes only on the exterior of the vase.


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