Spread Of The Week : Tommy Smythe


Tommy Smythe is best known as Sarah Richardson’s sidekick on her HGTV shows ‘Sarah’s House’, ‘Sarah’s Cottage’ and many more. House and Home Magazine featured Smythe’s apartment in their December 2009 issue, so this is by no means a new spread of the week, however it is one of my all time favourites. This apartment shows a perfect balance of new and old, mixing traditional pieces with a clean, Americana colour scheme. Smythe tells House and Home, “This is the first really white living room I’ve ever done. The windows are this home’s best feature; white shows off the light and makes the room feel big. It’s also the perfect backdrop for layering in strong colours, which I chose to give the room a youthful, happy feel”. The classic colours and patterns  paired with brass accents and pops of yellow have created a mix of masculine and feminine charm within the space. Smythe’s Hermes Avalon blanket adds an extra touch of glamour and is definitely on my wish list!

What do you think of Tommy’s Americana colour palette?


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