Home Trend : Gold & Brass Accents


This edition of Home Trend features gold and brass accents, which have become extremely popular in the past year or two thanks to designers like Kelly Wearstler. Brass and gold accents in home decor were very common in both Neoclassical interiors of the 1700’s and the Art Deco style during the 1900’s. More recently, brass was a popular interior design choice during the 1980’s and most people would associate the material with traditional and dated interiors. However, this thought is one of the past, brass and gold accents in home decor are currently very trendy and modern. Mixing of modern furniture with vintage brass pieces, such as lamps, wall decor, mirrors and small figurines can create an eclectic and glamorous space. Interior Designer, Kelly Wearstler is known for her brave colour schemes, whimsical decor and the integration of Neoclassical and Hollywood Regency styles in her interiors. Wearstler is one of the most famous designers today who has helped in the revival of brass and gold accents used in home decor. Brass and gold pieces add warmth and elegance to any space in your home, below are some of the pieces we have available at Mountain Home Decor. How would you add brass or gold accents to your home? big or small?

Images (Clockwise starting from the top left): Ferreira entry, Living space, Dining area, Black Living Room, Wearstler Bergdorf Goodman display, Wearstler office

  Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor.

1. Wide brass mirror, 2. Hammered gold bird figurines, 3. Brass studded throw cushion, 4. Brass circle base lamp, 5. Brass spike wall decor, 6. Gold gilded tray, 7. Starburst mirror, 8. Gold sequin throw cushion, 9. Art Deco Gold lamp


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