Spread Of The Week : Tabitha Simmons


Designer Tabitha Simmons New York City home was recently featured in Vogue magazine. Simmons lives in the five-story Queen Anne-style edifice located in Manhattan’s Chelsea district, with her husband Craig McDean and their two sons, Elliott and Dylan. Architect Annabelle Selldorf and Interior Designer Virginia Tupker transformed the apartment into the showstopping space it is today. The home has a neutral-white colour scheme carrying throughout with thoughtfully placed antiques and small pops of colour to add interest. Simmons says her husband “has difficulty with color in a room” because “he’s creating images on a constant basis. He wants his home to be a clean palette-as if he’s setting a refresh button.” Both Simmons and McDean share their love of art, Andy Warhol’s shoe sketch and Irving Penn’s skull photographs are some of the pieces in their personal collection. The Tom Dixon Star Light paper pendant fixture in the couples bedroom is my favorite piece! What is your favorite part of Tabitha Simmons beautiful NYC apartment?

All images from Vogue.


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