Inspired By : Positano, Italy


Positano is a beautiful, small town located on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Homes are built into the sides of soft green hills overlooking the turquoise sea below. The winding cobblestone road leads through the warm-faded pastel buildings and crumbling stone walls to reach the white pebble beach. Bright fuchsia oleander covers the gardens and homes throughout the town creating a vivid colour palette against the light pastel architecture, green hills and azure sea. The laid back culture of this stunning sea-side town draws people from all over the world and somehow continues to exude exclusivity – I bumped into Hilary Swank in Positano last summer!


The breathtaking natural beauty, colour palette and aging architecture of this small Italian town creates an amazing home decor scheme. An abstract painting complete with colours of the sea creates a calming focal point, paired with white linen pillows adorned with capiz shell buttons and a brass pebble inspired table lamp produces a strong base for a Positano inspired room. White, mustard and turquoise aged ceramic vases add touches of colour reminiscent of the faded pastel buildings, a white patina pedestal bowl filled with an arrangement of fuchsia flower rounds creates a vivid pop of the oleander and a small silver starfish for sea-side style. Black deco link hurricane lanterns inspired by the wrought-iron gates and fences add pattern and candlelight, white potted topiary builds a layer of greenery and a large distressed mirror establishes the old world charm of Positano. A glamorous white framed, ‘Mystique’ chair upholstered in ‘lemoncello’ fabric is balanced out with a set of naturally distressed concrete over sized pots.

Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC. 1. Blue abstract canvas, 2. White linene capiz shell pillow, 3. Brass pebble table lamp, 4. Patina pedestal bowl, 5. Various colour ceramic aged vases, 6. Silver starfish figurine, 7. Fuchsia flower rounds, 8. Deco link hurricane lanterns, 9. White potted topiary, 10. Distressed old world mirror, 11. ‘Mystique’ chair in lemoncello, 12. Distressed concrete over sized pots.

Photos of Positano, Italy taken by Tamara Kinney, 2011.


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