Fashion Interior : Tangerine Dream


Fashion and home decor trends go hand-in-hand, whatever is popular on the runway will quickly become popular in home decor. The spring summer 2012 runways were packed with high-voltage orange, this powerful colour was seen in shows from Marc by Marc Jacobs to Alexander McQueen and of course, Hermes. Tangerine covered all elements of style, clothing, shoes, accessories and even makeup – orange lips!

Tangerine is an amazing hue to add a pop of colour and interest to your home, from small accessories to large impact furniture or wall coverings. Here we have featured some of the tangerine merchandise available at Mountain Home Decor: an Eames inspired ‘Eiffel arm chair’, classic orange based table lamp, graphic floral tangerine wallpaper, bright throw, abstract painting, orange & orange piped throw cushions, assorted ceramic vases and metal tangerine stools.

Are you daring enough to add a splash of tangerine to your home this summer?

Benjamin Moore: 2012-30 Tangerine Dream.

Fashion Images: 1. Marc by Marc Jacobs, SS12, 2. Jill Stuart, SS12, 3. Doo.ri, SS12, 4. Alexander McQueen, SS12, 5. Derek Lam, SS12, 6. Hermes, SS12, 7. Jill Stuart, SS12.

Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC. 1. ‘Eiffel’ arm chair with wood base, 2. Tangerine lamp, 3. BC1581465 Wallpaper, 4. Orange throw, 5. Abstract painting, 6. Throw cushions, 7. Assorted ceramic vases, 8. Orange metal stools.


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