Designer Picks : Tegan Celebrates Spring


Celebrate Spring This Month

As I traveled down the Sea to Sky Highway towards Vancouver, I became more and more excited as i left the mountains and entered a ‘land of green’. Oh the beauty of springtime! Nothing makes a person feel more alive then the lushness of freshly budding trees and gardens. It is from this love of new life, the rebirth of nature in all its shades of green, from which I take my design inspiration this month. Green is the most universally liked colour and it is no wonder, as it is the colour of nature. To use green in your home is to bring nature into your house. The problem is choosing which shade of green when so many exist. One can create a soft and feminine palette with Benjamin Moore’s Wythe Blue (HC-143), add a lamp of the same colour and then create contrast with bright green and blue shades, add sophistication to the space with the shimmer of silver. Or perhaps, one may want to create a brighter, more playful atmosphere by using Benjamin Moore’s Pale Avocado (2146-40) and this will create a space that feels fun, bright and natural. Another way to bring the outside in, is to use one of Mother Nature’s little tricks. Use lots of bright whites – beautiful on sunny days! and add contrast with greens in any shade of your choice. This combination is sure to lift your spirits, just as a walk on a bright spring day would surely do.

So celebrate this month and play with your favourite shades of green!

Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor. 1. White & green fabric cushion chair, 2. Green pin-tucked studded large ottoman. Images: taken in Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC.


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