DIY : Framed Chalkboard


DIY framed chalkboard

This old mirror frame was found at the Whistler’s re-use it centre for $5.00. With a little bit of paint and a new backing, we brought it back to life as our new chalkboard display for our store. As bright colours are in fashion this season, we chose Benjamin Moore hot lips 2077-30, in a semigloss finish to highlight our new sign.

Supplies needed: 1. Benjamin Moore Fresh Start Superior Primer (46-00), 2. Benjamin Moore Aura Semigloss (528) tinted to colour 2077-30 hot lips, 3. Benjamin Moore Studio Finish Latex Chalkboard Paint (307-80), 4. High density foam roller kit, 5. Foam brush.

*Note: as our frame is carved and intricate, we decided to have our paint colour made into a spray can for ease of application. This service is available at most Benjamin Moore stores. You can now have any custom colour in any finish made into a spray can!

Step 1: Gather all supplies needed to complete the DIY – listed above.

Step 2: Apply three coats of chalkboard paint to the backing of the frame to create a smooth chalkboard finish. Be sure to read the instructions and wait the required time in between coats.

Step 3: Prime the frame with previously mentioned Fresh Start Superior Primer. Let this dry for the required time on the label.

Step 4: A photograph of the paint being converted into a spray bomb.

Step 5: We created our own “spray booth” out of a cardboard box and a hook to hang the frame. This cuts down on the over-spray and allows the frame to dry freely. We applied three coats of the Aura semigloss spray, waiting one hour between coats.

Final Step: attach the chalkboard painted backing to the frame once it has dried. For ours we needed screws to attach the frame.

and with a box of chalk.. we were ready to go!

At Mountain Home Decor we also offer custom frames chalkboards in various sizes with thick wood, and painted frames, inquire within for custom pricing. Chalkboard paint can virtually go on any surface, how would you use chalkboard paint for a DIY?


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