Designer Picks : Laura’s Bold & Oversize Floral


Bold and oversize floral patterns are a huge trend in both fashion and home decor this seasons. This trend comes in many different home decor forms: from graphic wallpaper, large floral rugs, textiles or on the smaller scale, vases and tea-light holders. Floral patterns scream spring & summer and they give a space a youthful and fun touch. Fresh modern florals are definitely the way to approach this trend, stay away from busy traditional patterns which may come across as stuffy and dated. Here I have chosen some of the bold and graphic statement florals from Mountain Home Decor, my choices range from daring to subtle, so there’s something for everyone – but just try a few patterns, don’t throw all of these in one room! If you’re bold, go for a great graphic wallpaper or the amazing retro-inspired chair featured above. If you’re unsure of blooms in your space, opt for a few throw pillows in fun colours to add a new bright and cheery pop to your space.

What do you think of the spring/summer ’12 bold & oversize floral trend? Are you going to try it in your home?

Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor. 1. Bloom pendant light, 2. Large black and white floral rug, 3. Red and white flower painting, 4. White ceramic floral vases, 5. Retro-inspired floral chair, 6. Floral inspired metal mirror, 7. Bold flower print textile pillows, 8. Fuchsia floral tea-light holders.


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