Home Trend : Animal Prints


Animal prints are not a new trend in home decor, however it is a trend that comes and goes and is currently ‘all the rage’. Each time it comes back it changes from the time before. Animal prints can be done in a timeless, classic fashion, if executed in the correct way. Small touches of classic animal prints, generally done in natural tones can add a beautiful layer of pattern and texture to any space in your home. Another key point is to stick to one or maybe two, at the most, animal prints in one space, layering animal prints can be very overwhelming. I think a good animal print can be used as a neutral in a space and creates a pop of interest, glamour and luxury.

What do you think of animal prints? Are they classic or purely trend driven?

Photos: (Clockwise from left) 1. Fur throw bedroom, 2. Cowhide rug dining room, 3. Leopard print office, 4. Zebra ottoman living room, 5. Flokati pillow closet, 6. Zebra rug and pillow sitting room.


Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor. 1. Black flokati pillow, 2. Zebra print pillow, 3. Snake print round tray, 4. Faux fur throw, 5. Zebra art print, 6. Cowhide stool, 7. Cowhide rug, 8. Leopard print wallpaper


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