Spread Of The Week : Vidal Sassoon


This week we’re featuring Vidal Sassoon’s modernist Bel Air home from the April 2011 issue of Architectural Digest. Sassoon believes there is a strong connection between hair and architecture, a relationship that is not often appreciated. “Architects have always been my heroes…My whole work, beginning in the late 1950s, came from the Bauhaus” explains Vidal, whose famous for his easy maintenance, geometric cuts. The home was designed by Richard Neutra in the mid-1950’s and purchased by the Sassoon’s in 2004 before they were forced into gutting and rebuilding most of the interior due to dry-rot and structural issues. The Sassoon’s worked with Scott Werker to rebuild and design the home to fit their lifestyle while carefully respecting Neutra’s original architectural style. The final product is a stunning modernist home that perfectly suits their needs. I personally love this home; it’s connection with the outside surroundings and interior court yard are amazing.

What do you think of Vidal & Ronnie Sassoon’s Bel Air home?

All photos from Architectural Digest.


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