Inspired By : Toulouse, France


Toulouse is an amazing city in the Southwest of France, complete with colourful architecture, beautiful scenery & cobblestone paths. The buildings vary in colour, from white to orange and many have bright blue shutters on the windows. Toulouse has the warm colours and laid back vibe of the South of France, mixed with stunning Parisian architectural references; a bit of both areas of mixed into one!  The colour palette and charm of Toulouse creates amazing inspiration for home decor and would certainly add a touch of worldly charm to any space. Incorporate Toulouse into your home by mixing warm peaches and sandy colours, accented with a splash of blue or turquoise. Intricate decorative wood and iron pieces such as mirrors and chandeliers mimic the architectural features found in Toulouse.

How do you incorporate your travels into your personal home decor?


Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor. 1. Turquoise ceramic lamp, 2. Carved wood mirror, 3. Wrought iron & crystal chandelier, 4. Colourful damask pillow, 5. Faux ficus balls, 6. French metal planters, 7. Peach & turquoise ceramic vases, 8. Gold framed black & white photos, 9. Wall hanging clock, 10. Brown velvet occasional chair, 11. Round silver side table, 12. Gold & turquoise painting, 13. Distressed round back chair, 14. Silver tray, 15. Glass votives

Photos of Toulouse, France taken by Tamara Kinney, 2011.


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