Designer Picks : Katelyn’s Upcycled Decor


Our homes are a reflection of our lifestyle. With a growing shift to live a sustainable life, more and more people are looking for new ways to create healthier and environmentally friendly interiors without sacrificing style.

The latest trend that has caught my attention is called ‘up cycling’. Up cycling is the conversion of waste or seemingly useless products into new materials that are of equal or greater value. This is by no means a new concept but it is however making a move to the forefront of interior design. We are seeing more and more natural products and materials on the market. There are also more hand made products and products inspired by shapes and textures of the past.

How are we making the old new again? By recycling, re-using and reinventing. Unexpected chroma and saturation is a fun way to reinvent a classic design. We also continue to see furniture made of reclaimed or recycled materials. DIY’s have also made a huge resurgence; it is amazing was a few coats of low VOC Aura paint can do to revive an old piece of furniture. The idea is to have fun with it! Play with colour, texture and detail.

Here are a few of my favourite items available at Mountain Home Décor that captures the essence of making the old new again.

Product Images: all available at Mountain Home Décor. 1. 5pc. Black iron pendant light, 2. 100% red wool rug, 3. Stool, antique natural with linen & multi stripe throw, 4. Solid beech wishbone chair, 5. Antique farm crate & knit throws, 6. Recycled wood buffet, 7. Benjamin Moore Colours; 2104-10 Pancake syrup, 2004-10 Deep rose, 2140-40 Storm cloud gray, 2168-10 Fall harvest.


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