Home Trend : Black Walls


Are you courageous enough to paint your walls black? Black walls are a great way to create high impact drama in any space, whether you choose black paint, black wallpaper or even black chalkboard paint, a black room is effortlessly chic. I believe there are a few key space characteristics for a successful black room: 1. a lot of natural light to ensure you don’t create a cave-like effect, 2. high ceilings definitely help with the dramatic aspect of the room, and finally 3. a white ceiling to create contrast and add lightness. I am dying to paint a room black, but i haven’t decided which room would be best – right now, I’m thinking an office!

Here are a few different black tones I love from Benjamin Moore: Black 2132-10, Twilight Zone 2127-10, Jet Black 2120-10.

Images: (Clockwise from top left) 1. Martin & Schultz, 2. Office, 3. Hallway, 4. Bedroom, 5. Work Space, 6. Schultz 2, 7. Bathroom, 8. Living.


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