DIY : Stencilled Rug

DIY Patterned Stencil Rug
This DIY is a creative and inexpensive way to create a printed area rug with custom colours for your home! Stenciling a floor cloth as a rug is a great way to inject the newest pattern trends, like chevron, as well as popular colours. We chose an oversize leafy floral print, which is right on trend with spring/summer 2012 fashion trends and used a classic cobalt or royal blue as our accent colour.
Supplies needed, all available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC : 1. pre-primed canvas floorcloth (available at MHD) or can use a scrap of linoleum and prime with a bonding primer (we sell Inslux STIX primer), 2. Sims Acanthus Wallpaper Stencil (available at MHD ) or any repetitive stencil, 3. Stencil Palette, 4. High Density Foam roller, 5. Stencil brush, 6. Paint- we used Benjamin Moore Aura in Colours CC-10  Ultra White and 2065-20 Dark Royal Blue, 7. Benjamin Moore Acrylic low lustre Floor Finish

Step 1: Gather supplies mentioned above.

Step 2: Prime surface if needed with Inslux STIX primer, or use a pre-primed canvas floor cloth.

Step 3: Pour dark royal blue paint onto paint palette and smooth out, load paint with high density roller. Make sure to roll excess onto a paper towel to ensure that there is not too much paint on the roller- this will stop excess from seeping under the stencil

Step 4: Begin rolling out paint onto the stencil, don’t push down or create too much coverage – you may cause bleeding.

Step 5: Line up registration marks on the stencil and repeat until the surface is covered with your chosen pattern.

Step 6: Tape off edges to create border & paint exterior edges of the floor cloth to create this effect.

You’re almost finished! Wait 24hours for paint to dry & cure, then apply two coats of floor finish to seal the rug.



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