Designer Picks : Tamara’s Textured Neutrals


A neutral home decor palette is an ever-classic colour scheme and has become extremely popular this season. This decor choice may be considered ‘safe’ by many, however if carefully executed, texture, pattern and tone variation can create a dynamic and visually pleasing space.

The first key factor in a successful neutral room is texture. Layering different textures creates visual and tactile interest; shown above I have layered a two-tone fabric and leather chair on a cream and grey cowhide rug and accented with natural wood grain tables. The accessories add further layering of textures: a sparkling geode, rough blown glass candle holders and a unique over-sized painting.

Pattern is another important factor in a neutral space. Whether its big and bold or subtle, pattern creates visual interest and carries the eye throughout a space. Here I have chosen very minimal patterns shown in the cowhide rug, the vein-like lines in the painting, the carrera marble base on the chrome lamp and the wood grain in both the coffee table and side table.

The two tones I chose as jumping off points are Benjamin Moore Horizon Grey 2141-50 and Desert Twilight 2137-40. Both of these colours have a warm grey undertone which is also found in all of the major decor pieces in this space. It is important to pay attention to the tones in each piece you bright into a neutral space, the variation in lightness and darkness of similar tones will create a dynamic look.

What do you think of a neutral space with layered textures? Would you use this muted blue as your small accent?

Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC. 1. Over-sized abstract painting, 2. Chrome base wood coffee table, 3. Muted blue glass candle holders, 4. Carrera marble base chrome floor lamp, 5. Cream & grey cowhide rug, 6. Natural sparkly geode, 7. Square stackable wooden side table, 8. Two-tone fabric and leather armchair.


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