DIY : Tie Dye Napkin


DIY : Tie Dye Napkin

In the spirit of summer and outdoor dinner parties, we have created a DIY tie dye napkin. Tie dye, watercolour and ombre are currently very popular treatments for clothing and naturally, home decor. This napkin DIY could be called any of these three styles with its faded warm summer hues and colour variation. We purchased a set of cotton napkins to start our DIY – this was after our first try with polyester napkins failed miserably, so definitely use cotton or linen! Traditional clothing dye can be used or we chose watercolour paint to create a gradual mix and marrying of colours, just like a watercolour painting. You can pick any colour of the rainbow, so choose the colours to match your summer table decor and add a trendy pop with these colourful napkins!

Supplies needed: 1. a set of cotton or linen napkins, 2. spray bottles (preferably clear to see your colour strength) – one for each colour, 3. clothing dye or watercolour paint with dye-setter, 4. a drop cloth or plastic table cloth, 5. paper towel and 6. water.

Step 1: Choose your colour pallete – we found that colours in the same family, warm vs. cool, look best when paired together. Next gather all of your supplies and lay down your protective table cloth.

Step 2: Pour water into each of your clean spray bottles and add a small amount of dye until your desired hue is reached. Then test each of the colours on a paper towel and make sure you like the vibrance of each colour.

Step 3: Start with one of the colours and spray starting in the corner, moving into the middle of the napkin. Then switch to your next colour and spray in the center of the napkin, overlapping the first colour to create a gradual mix and colour variation between the two. Finally, start spraying your third or fourth colour on the rest of the napkin until you have covered the entire surface. Feel free to spray more and overlap, until you reach your desired saturation. Repeat on each napkin and remember, variation is a good thing for this colour treatment. Once you complete your napkin set, leave them to dry completely. If you chose watercolour, use a dye-setter in order to wash the napkins.

Step 4: We decided to make matching tie dye name cards by spraying thick card stock with the same technique as the napkins. A great way to create a matching set!

And you’re finished! Now you just have to plan the next summer dinner party!

This technique would also look amazing on cotton place-mats or even a table cloth!


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