Designer Picks : Laura’s Bold Accent Colours


Add a POP of colour to your space!

Neutrals are the #1 paint choice these days – whether you choose white, beige, or gray tones in your room, there is always a place for pop of colour. Accent colour is to a room what jewelry is to an outfit. Whether it takes the form of accessories, fabrics, fixtures or even an accent wall, it’s by far the easiest way to add personality to a room. Painted furniture is a chic way to add personality to a room and great for the new trend in up-cycling. What a difference it made to our log stools! We used semigloss Aura in Benjamin Moore 2053-40 Blue Lake- pop! I have to say Orange is taking over as the #1 colour accent- whether it is furniture, pillows, vases or a throw- orange is a vibrant colour to make a statement in any space. Try using it in your living room as orange is a very social colour. Our favourite orange hue is Benajmin Moore 2014-10 Festive Orange. Bright green has been around for a few years and is still going strong as an accent colour- try 2027-10 Dark Lime to add a cooler accent colour. It’s not a huge commitment to add a pop of colour with accents, so don’t hold back! It’s the easiest way to add personality to any room.

Benjamin Moore colours : 2053-40 Blue Lake, 2014-10 Festive Orange & 2027-10 Dark Lime.

All home decor pieces shown are available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC.


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