Home Trend : Horn Accents


Horn accents are a beautiful way to add visual impact to any space in your home. The natural colour variation from cream to black creates an amazing pattern and textured appearance. The neutral horn colour palette makes it easy to add an accent piece to any room in your home. For a touch of glamour in the living room, try adding a set of stacked horn boxes or a horn bowl to your coffee table. Share your favourite horn accent pieces with us!


Inspirational Images: (clockwise starting from top left) 1. decorative horns, 2. horn lamps, 3. stacking horn boxes, 4. horn book ends,5. mixed horn bowls.

Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC. 1. Multi horn bowl, 2. Stag head A, 3. Horn rectangle box, 4. Dark horn bowl, 5. Rough organic horn interior bowl, 6. Bull head B, 7. mini-stacking horn bowls, 8. Horn handle magnifying glass.


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