Inspired By : La Boqueria Market, Barcelona


La Boqueria market is located on famous Las Ramblas in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. La Boqueria is one of the most amazing markets I have ever seen, the assortment of food – from candy to crab spreads throughout the many aisles. The market is sensory overload; the beautiful range of warm colours pleases sight while the loud chatter of passionate patrons fill your ears, not to mention the different scents, textures and flavours of authentic Mediterranean food. La Boqueria has something for everyone and creates a great source of inspiration! Below we have featured home decor pieces inspired by the warm colour palette, rough natural textures and different patterns found throughout La Boqueria. These accent pieces would add a pop of colour and warmth to any space in your home.

Do you gather inspiration for your home while traveling?


Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC. 1. assorted patterned throw pillos, 2. citrine pendant light set, 3. wicker tray set, 4. orange ‘orient’ chair inspired by Hans J. Wegner’s ‘wishbone’ chair, 5. metallic gold interior bowl, 6. deep red ceramic vases, 7. gilded gold mirror.

All photos taken by Tamara Kinney, 2011.


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