DIY : Picture Frame Tray


DIY : Picture Frame Tray

A simple DIY to create a chic tray to store all of your pretty things. The options for this DIY are endless, from a modern tray using a square edge picture frame and simple geometric printed wallpaper to a country farm-style tray using a distressed picture frame and bright gingham paper.

Supplies needed: 1. Picture frame with raised edges – this looks more like a tray then a low-profile frame, 2. wallpaper or decorative paper of your choice, 3. scissors, 4. drawer pulls from your hardware store (if you want handles on your tray), 5. screw driver (to secure the handles).

Step 1 : gather all of the needed supplies. Choose your picture frame and paper.

Step 2: if the frame has a stand, carefully remove this with pliers to create a flat base. Most larger frames do not have a stand which makes this DIY even easier!

Step 3: Use the picture frame insert to cut a template into your wallpaper or decorative paper. Trace around the insert on the back side of your paper and cut carefully.

Step 4: Place your paper facing out underneath the glass of the picture frame and then replace the insert behind to hold the paper in snug.


*Step 4b: You can put handles on your tray as well! We purchased simple drawer pulls from our local hardware store and screwed them into the top of the frame through the back of the frame.

and you’re finished! Decorate your tray with your favourite accessories!

p.s. this tray is really easy to clean thanks to the glass protecting your paper!

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