Designer Picks : Laura’s New Vintage


As interest in vintage decorating has grown, so has the very description of the style. No longer synonymous with antiques, ‘vintage’ style now encompasses the eclectic, eccentric and the lovingly handmade. While classic antiques or classic vintage pieces can be expensive, today there are lots of options to create the style and effect of vintage home decor.  Think of a unique statement piece acquired at the market, or a family heirloom renewed with a fresh coat of paint. People are flooding to online buying websites like Etsy to grab their unique vintage pieces- from jewelry to housewares- it is a reminder of history.

A lot of our decor suppliers are capturing the trend with vintage decor replicas. From cheese markers, goblets, Victorian chair prints, old planes, trains, sewing machines and rotary phones- all capturing the old classics with a modern twist. Art prints and old photos are being transferred onto canvas to capture the good old days. Anyone can grab a piece of history and inexpensively add it to their decor.

New Vintage inspired Benjamin Moore colours : Vintage Taupe 2110-70, Bone China CC-420, Old Montreal CC-398.

Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor, in Whistler BC. 1. Vintage camera, 2. Black jack set, 3. Faux books, 4. Silver detailed knobs, 5. Vintage red car, 6. Numbered tumblers, 7. Distressed white end tables.


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