DIY : Pallets of Possibilities


Pallets of Possibilities

Inspired by all of the posts on Pinterest and many retailer’s displays, as well as the movement to reuse and recycle, we have decided to put our pallet inspirations to work with a new store display. Our decorating business is attached to a Benjamin Moore paint store, so for us pallets are at our disposal. Reusing & recycling pallets has become quite the trend and  have been transformed into coffee tables, coat hangers, wall displays, room dividers, plant hangers, shoe displays…. the list goes on and on. People have come up with amazing ideas to transform these free pallets into very functional & funky home decor items. All you need is a bit of paint and a few hardware items and voila, you have a unique furniture piece that will be sure to catch everyone’s eye!

We decided to make a low coffee table to display some feature items in our store. 1st step was to inspect the pile of pallets. This was interesting since when you truly start to inspect pallets as a different identity- they are definitely not all the same. Some are of different shape, some have interesting side shapes (which we loved for our coffee table), some are made of really crappy almost hairy wood while others are very solid. So take your time to pick out the right pallet. You may need to even replace a board or two depending on what you choose to transform your pallet into.

So once you have the pallet of your choice, the next step for us was to purchase four casters. We choose the locking ones as it was going to be in a retail environment- and the last thing we want is a bunch of kids taking it for a ride To give our coffee table a PUNCH we chose BM Colour 2027-10 Dark Lime in a high gloss finish. For a product I would highly recommend Benjamin Moore’s Advance.if you require a durable interior coating. Advance is a waterborne alkyd that can be tinted to any colour  and is low VOC & low odour. It creates a smooth and durable finish for any interior woodwork- even kitchen cabinets! For our project  we gave the surface boards a quick sand with a medium grit sanding block  and then primed the whole surface. The primer served two purposes. It sealed the wood and gave a smoother finish, as well as supplied a deep base colour foundation for our bright colour.  Next we gave the pallet two coats of paint with a lint free roller and a nylon/polyester brush. Waiting the required 16hours between coats. TO finish our table we used a drill to attach the casters on each corner  We waited the suggested 3 days before using our table so that the paint could fully cure

We love our new display table & .It has definitely attracted a lot of attention in our store !


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