Designer Picks : Tegan’s Fall Colours


As I hit the cold air on my dash to work this morning I was confronted with a sight that has become unfamiliar to us all these last few months, frost!  There it was, cold and icy, staring me in the face making the faint idea of autumn a reality. This newly awakened awareness of the changing season peaked my senses. I began to study the robust fall gardens as I made my way through my colourful neighborhood with a rekindled appreciation for natures last stand before the canvas is whipped clean with a blanket of white.

The reds of this time of year are earthy, the oranges deep, the purples rich and the yellows shimmer like gold or bronze. These colours make my soul sing and I want to hold on to them well into the October rains that are eminent here on the West Coast. How better to do that then to infuse them into ones home.

For the biggest impact I recommend picking a room you are bored with and laying some of falls colours upon its walls. Amazing rich purple like vintage wine, 2116-20, along side wasabi green, AF-430, is sure to bring warmth to those cold rainy days. Or be daring and bring those autumn leaves into your living space with walls in deep buttered yam, AF-230.

For me, I love a neutral pallet because I can make quick and easy changes to the look of my home. Neutral walls and furniture act as a perfect backdrop to the vibrant colours I fancy at the moment. Depth and excitement is added simply by adding a fabulous purple pillow to my gray sofa or my foyer can be transformed by the addition of colourful grasses or botanics. A bronze bowl placed on a coffee table can add instant eye candy. A new piece of abstract art will bounce off of any neutral wall. The options are limitless. Just fall in love with a colourful object and add it to a quiet place.

This fall I encourage you to embrace this wonderful and colourful season well into the dark and cool days ahead. I am continuously amazed at how, by incorporating colour into your home, you can keep the darkness outside and keep the wonderful feelings of warmth where it belongs, in your home.


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