Designer Picks : Katelyn’s Moonrise Kingdom


One of my favourite sources of inspiration for interiors stems from my love of film. The imaginary world of set design has endless possibilities and can transport the viewer to another time and place. The set that is created for a film creates a mood and an atmosphere while providing the viewer with visual clues to further understand who the characters are, where they are and when. Should a similar approach not be considered when designing our own interiors?

One of my favourite director’s, Wes Anderson, is meticulous in detail with regards to his costumes and sets. His films have a distinctive look: an aged patina, handcrafted elements and bright bursts of saturated colour. His latest film, Moonrise Kingdom, is set in New England in the 1960s and is riddled with camp and nautical references. I could not help but feel inspired and want to create a quirky 60s camp interior of my own.

I started with unique wallpaper from Thibaut that has a natural, retro feel. The thing I love most about this paper is the little squirrel hanging out on the vines; it adds such a fun sense of whimsy. From there, there were a few themes from the film that I wanted to reference. The first is the period the film is set in, the1960s. What an interesting time for design! There was a huge shift away from ornamentation to more simplistic function focused designs. I have always been a fan of the two-tone millwork from this period; painted off-white wood popping against the warmth and texture of stained wood. This is shown in an inspirational image above. The streamline sofa selected is rudimentary in mathematic proportion, which I feel emulates the 1960s mentality on form and function. I could not resist this octagon shaped coffee table, which reminds me of the amazing little lighthouse from the film. The second significant theme from the film I wanted to make reference to is camp. The film is riddled with vintage plaid and camp gear. To incorporate the camp theme I have selected a plaid toss cushion and wool blanket in addition to these amazing distressed metal storage boxes. The simple rope hung mirror is interesting bridge between the camp and 1960s styling.

The Benjamin Moore colours I find capture the film’s palette best are Smoldering Red (2007-10), Stuart Gold (HC-10) and Norwich Brown (HC-19).

Inspiration is everywhere, where do you find yours?

Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC. 1. Iron & rope mirror 2. Two-tone cabinetry, Houzz. 3. Whimsical Wallpaper, Thibaut. 4. Orange plaid toss cushion. 5. Octagon coffee table. 6. Mohair plaid green throw. 7. Distressed trunks. 8. Ramsden sofa.

Assembly of Moonrise Kingdom images.


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