DIY : Setting Up A Bar Cart


Setting Up A Bar Cart:

A bar cart is a chic piece to add to your home for all of your entertaining needs. This is a great way to gather your favourite beverages and glassware with easy access. You don’t need a ‘cart’ to create a bar in your home, you can use any sort of mid-height table from a tray table to a sofa table. I started with my faux-bamboo brass bar cart and I will show you how I set it up step-by-step.

Supplies needed: 1. A bar cart or table, 2. Art or photos to hang on the wall, 3. Assorted beverages & liquor, 4. Necessary glassware, 5. Home decor accessories, 6. Barware accessories.

1. Choose a location in your home for your bar cart, a social entertaining space is best. I placed mine between my living room and kitchen. Next, hang  your art or photographs above the bar cart. I hung a set of my favourite Walter Chin contact card photographs on the wall.

2. Next, add your large home decor pieces to anchor and give organization to the cart. I stacked multiple hardcover coffee table books in the center of the bottom shelf and placed a faux-python print tray on the top shelf.

3. Add your glassware next. My bar cart came with two glass rails under the left side, I used this for white & red wine glasses. Then I arranged my champagne glasses on the right side of the stacked books in three rows. This creates balance having the glasses on separate sides of the cart.

4. Now you can place your assortment of wine, champagne & liquor on the cart. I created a row of three nice sparkling water bottles on the bottom left of the cart which line up with the rows of champagne glasses on the opposite side. Next I placed five bottles of red wine in the wine holders under the right shelf – leave your white wine in the fridge. On the top shelf I added a bottle of Hendricks Gin (it has a great apothecary style bottle), a Crystal Head vodka bottle (in the shape of a skull head) and a silver martini shaker on the python tray. For a pop of colour, I added a bottle of Veuve Cliquot on the top right corner.

5. To complete the bar cart, add your small home decor accents and barware accessories. I chose a small clear vase with pink Dahlia’s to add a pop of colour with the orange Veuve Cliquot bottle. On the top shelf I added monogrammed bar napkins and glass wine stoppers. To finish off the bar cart, I placed a chunk of natural pyrite for a touch of sparkle on top of the stacked books.

Now you can create your own bar cart at home and start entertaining!


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