Colour Of The Month : Emerald Isle


Emerald Isle 2039-20, is our Benjamin Moore Colour Of The Month. Emerald Isle is a deep, rich shade of green and belongs in the jewel tone family. Jewel tones are very on-trend this season for fashion and home decor. Emerald Isle would make a dramatic statement in any room, from walls to furniture – a great addition to your home for the holidays!


Would you paint your walls Emerald Isle 2039-20? or opt for furniture or home decor accessories for a more subtle look?

Top Images: (clockwise from top left) 1. Uncut emerald, 2. Mila Kunis gown, 3. Green ikat print, 4. Jewelry, 5. Painted desk, 6. Christian Louboutins, 6. Emerald necklaces, 7. Daria eye makeup.

Bottom Images: (clockwise from top left) 1. Emerald walls & lamps, 2. Grey & Green, 3. Paired with black and white, 4. Bright office, 5. Historic doors, 6. Emerald accents.


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