DIY : Framed Wallpaper


DIY : Simple Framed Wallpaper Art

Looking for a way to add some colour to your space? Try framing some graphic wallpaper! This is such an easy project that adds colour and flair. All you need for this project is Picture frames, scissors, Wallpaper scraps and if you’re going for a cut out or a layered effect you will need spray adhesive.

Step 1: Using the glass inserts from the frames- cut your wallpaper to size. For the artisitic DIY you can even cut out shapes from your wallpaper and  attach to another piece of wallpaper with spray adhesive.

For the first one we choose three different wallpaper designs all from a similar colour grouping. An easy way to add a pop of yellow!

Option Step 2: If you are creative- try cutting out shapes. We chose a stag head and then attached it to a piece of grasscloth  with spray adhesive for a backdrop of texture.
Combined with a similar framed wallpaper- it really stands out!

What do you think of this easy DIY? It’s a great way to add a custom touch and a pop of colour to any space in your home!


One thought on “DIY : Framed Wallpaper

  1. Here is another idea for the wallpaper art…….just arrived from Andrea Moore- at the White Dog Studio Gallery…

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