Home Trend : Upcycled Decor


Upcycled Home Decor:

Upcycling has become a trendy term in the home decor & interior design world, but this is by no means a new concept. Upcycling is taking something old and creating something new, which keeps these pieces from landfills and lessens demand for the production of brand new products. This is a ‘green’ decorating choice as re-use is one of the main goals of sustainable design.

Furniture is a great place to try upcycling. It is important to pay attention to the structure and frame of the furniture piece before deciding to put the money, work and effort into re-using. Once you have a solid piece of furniture that has great lines and a style that suits your needs, you can begin to re-imagine and re-design. Above is a Bergere chair I found on craigslist, I disliked the redish stain and the alphabet fabric, but I loved the size and style of the chair. The chair was in great condition, although the cushion was a little worn out – this is an easy fix for an upholsterer! (Try researching upholstery companies who use environmentally friendly foam for inserts).

I had my chair frames sprayed in Benjamin Moore Natura – Black 2132-10 in a semi-gloss finish (Natura has zero VOC’s – this is important when implementing sustainable design). Next, I had my chairs upholstered in Brunschwig + Fils ‘Les Touches’ fabric – I’m in love with the way they turned out!

Would you try upcycling home decor? What would be your first piece?


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