DIY : Paper Xmas Ornaments

DIY_paper ornaments


Handmade with love…

For our holiday DIY we wanted to do something fun for the whole family. We are still loving the trend of crafty handmade goods, so we thought we would have some fun with paper from our recycling bin & channel our origami skills. It turns out those origami cranes require a bit of practice! After a lot of laughter, cutting and taping, we give you our crafty Christmas decor, handmade with love.

We cut some recycled paper into hexagons and folded them in half twice, afterwards folding a few more times along a radius we created a triangle. We then cut some fun shapes into the sides, unfolded and VOILA! your classic cut-out snowflake. We decided to hang ours from one of our chandeliers to add a little winter whimsy to our dining room setting.

Paper cranes can be used in a variety of holiday decor; strung together as a garland, as a place card holder, or in our case, as ornaments on a tree. It turns out that our origami skills were a little rusty. If your origami skills are as rusty as ours, may we suggest that you follow our cue and look for children’s directions on how to make paper cranes.

Inspired by this month’s House & Home, we thought we would try our own leaf garland. We cut out various shapes and sizes of leaves and to keep things easy we simply stapled together in a random pattern.

With our scraps of paper from the above projects we cut them into similar sized strips and strung them together, linking them with tape. Another incredibly easy recycled paper project that the whole family can do together. We thought ours looked quite cute on our little tree.

So, get out the scissors, tape and stapler and have some crafty fun! What a great way to recycle paper, have some laughs and decorate for the holidays on a dime.


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