Inspired By : Milan, Italy

MHD_inspired by_milan


Milan, Italy is a stunning city with amazing architecture and a large creative culture. I found myself constantly inspired walking the streets in Milan. I love the emphasis on contrast in the architecture – cream stonework with a dark wood carved door. The materials, colour and stark contrast inspired the home decor pieces I have selected below.

Recommended Benjamin Moore colours : Black Satin 2131-10, Rodeo 1534, Northern Cliffs 1536.

MHD_inspired by_MILAN avail


Product Images : All available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC. 1. Umbrella stand, 2. Wire sphere decorations, 3. Cream silk pillow, 4. Black and chrome globe, 5. Antique bench, 6. Assorted frosted glass vases, 7. Glass boxes, 8. Horn bowl, 9. Glass dome cover.

Images of Milan, Italy – Tamara Kinney 2011.


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