Colour Of The Month : Lemon Sorbet

mhd_cotm_lemon sorbet


Lemon Sorbet, is our Benjamin Moore Colour Of The Month. Lemon Sorbet has been named Benjamin Moore’s colour of 2013! Lemon Sorbet is part of the Colour Preview : ‘A collection of bold, saturated colours that brings spaces to life for those looking to illuminate their world with pure, extraordinary colour. Colour Preview offers a collection of 1,232 hues that excite and inspire with pure, deep, clear colours that create striking combinations’. This pale yellow hue looks amazing when paired with white and shades of grey. My favourite combination is Lemon Sorbet 2019-60 & Timber Wolf 1600.

mhd_cotm_lemon sorbet_2


How would you incorporate Lemon Sorbet into your home decor? This could be a great jumping off point for a fresh spring decor scheme!

Top Images : 1. Models, 2. Stones, 3. Medallions, 4. Ice Cream, 5. Nails, 6. Dresser, 7. LV Handbag, 8. Pears.

Bottom Images: 1. Yellow Roses, 2. Bathroom, 3. Kitchen, 4. BM Dining Room, 5. Front Door, 6. Nursery, 7. Victoria Beckham Dress, 8. Sitting Room.


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