DIY : Recycled Cardboard Stag

DIY_recycled cardboard stag


Recycled cardboard stag


clean cardboard, scissors, exacto-knife, masking tape, hot glue gun, sanding sponge & template courtesey of Instructables.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Print and cut out template.

2. Apply tape to back of template pieces and adhear to cardboard. Tip: Align knotches with the existing ribs in the cardboard. This will make it much easier later.

3. Cut out pieces using scissors or exacto-knife. We did the majority of ours with an exacto-knife.

4. To take breaks between cutting which can become a bit tedious, we sanded the edges of our pieces with a medium/fine sanding block.

5. Cut out the knotches taking into consideration the width of the cardboard you are using.

6. Gently remove paper and tape as you begin to assemble 1 through 13 working from the largest to smallest.

7. With the glue gun, glue the sheilds together then glue the antler’s on.

8. Finally glue the stag head to the shield.

9. To hang you can take the advice from instructables and use a receycled pop can tab which would be glued tot he back or you could use some double sided picture hanging strips.

10. Make a small spray booth using left over cardboard and spray paint stag white.
and you’re finished! Now you can mount this chic recycled DIY in your home!


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