Designer Picks : Katelyn’s Tribal Influence

MHD_designer picks_Katelyns tribal influence


I cannot help but continue to find myself inspired by tribal influences. Perhaps it is propelled by my unshakeable desire to travel. Either way, some of my favourite homes incorporate art and treasures from the owner’s travels. The thing I love most about these treasures is that they always seem to have such wonderful stories of adventure behind them. Why not surround yourself with tokens of your adventures; accomplished or imaginary.

Tribal for 2013 focuses on colour and optimism. It also encourages a bit of cheekiness with mismatched patterns and textures. We continue to see a focus on handmade goods as well as fun geometric prints, florals and bold stripes. Saturated colour pops with crisp black, white and shades of gray.

I started by playing with some fun colourful fabrics from Kravet that combine different techniques such as embroidery and screen printing. I find the variety of colour and texture adds interest and depth. Playing with the mismatched nature of this trend I decided to interject bold striped wallpaper, which I would use as an accent in the space. The sofa is low set and is simplistic in its detailing with the sunken side cushions. The dark stained frame on the sofa nicely compliments the round drum-like end table with its geometric ribs which play with positive and negative space. The hand blown glass pendant lamps interject colour in a more transparent form while the handmade ceramic planters play with textured opacity. Tying it all together is Benjamin Moore’s Rose Parade 2086-20, Blue 2066-10 and Black Horizon 2132-30 which I also see as being used in accents in a predominantly white space.

Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC. 1. Hand blown glass pendant lights, 2. Bold striped wallpaper, 3. Feather decor, 4. Stool/sidetable 5. Cream sofa, 6. Colourful vases, 7. Assorted Kravet fabrics.


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