Home Trend : Gallery Wall

MHD_hometrend_gallery wall_inspiration


Gallery walls are not a new trend but one that must be executed well to achieve the right balance of mismatched-organization. The best way to start a gallery wall is to measure your wall space and tape out the same area on the floor. In this space you can play around with your assortment of frames and accessories to see if your composition appears balanced. I personally like when all of the photos are black and white, placed in frames of different material but all in one chosen colour scheme – gray scale is always a good option. I also enjoy when fun decor pieces are mixed into a traditional gallery wall, like the chrome stag head or mirrored frames featured below.

I have pulled a few decor items which fit into the traditional, frame-only gallery wall as well as a few fun pieces to mix it up! How do you arrange your gallery walls? Do you stick to just frames? or add in fun decor objects?

MHD_hometrend_gallery wall_available


Inspiration Images: Clockwise from top left. 1. Dining area, 2. Office, 3. Living room hanging shelves, 4. Brass lamp, 5. Mixed frames, 6. Piano, 7. Seating area, 8. Fluffy couch.

Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC. Clockwise from top left. 1. Chrome stag head, 2. Assorted framed cameras, 3. Black frame, 4. Double black frames with clear surround, 5. Mirrored picture frames, 6. City signs.


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