Colour Of The Month : Soft Pumpkin

mhd_cotm_soft pumpkin2


Soft Pumpkin 2166-40, is our Benjamin Moore Colour Of The Month. Soft Pumpkin, “as its name suggests, this sweet shade of orange brings to mind autumn’s pumpkin pies and jack-o-lanterns. A creamy undertone adds an appealing softness to this subtle, almost apricot hue”, says Benjamin Moore. Try this colour on your bathroom walls – it makes your complexion look stunning! or for a more subtle approach, try accessorizing a space with pillows or small decorative accents for spring.

mhd_cotm_soft pumpkin_2


How would you use Soft Pumpkin 2166-40 in your home?

Top Images: 1. Dress, 2. Floral Arrangement, 3. Bookcase + Chair, 4. Brick Facade, 5. Peach Cake, 6. Hermes Birkin, 7. Dahlia.

Bottom Images: 1. Walls +Living Room, 2.White Space + Accessories, 3. Rug, 4. Fall Flowers, 5. Fuzzy Peaches, 6. Laundry Room, 7. Bathroom.


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