DIY : Hand Painted Stool



Hand Painted Tree Stump Stool

1 Tree stump, dry and bug free
1 Hammer
1 Power sander
1 Sheet of 50 grit sandpaper
1 Face mask
Artist Brushes of all sizes
Old Paint Testers in Aura
1 Quart of Benjamin Moore’s Stays Clear

1 roll of Frog tape for stripes


1. Pry off any bark with the back side of a hammer.
2. Wear your face mask and using the 50 grit sandpaper use power sander to sand top and sides of stump smooth. Switch out paper when it begins to dull.
3. Brush off dust with a brush and wipe clear with a damp rag.
4. Using artist brushes start painting. I decided to freestyle ours to add to the sense of whimsy. We used Benjamin Moore colours: Cloud White cc-40, Blue Sea foam 2006-60, Delphinium CC-872, Stokes Forest Green 2035-40 and Arroyo Red 2085-10.
5. Do a second coat on painted stripes and patterns, this adds to the vibrancy of the stump.
6. Once paint has dried. Apply a coat of Stays Clear to Protect.
7. Apply a minimum of one more coat of Stays Clear to Finish.

*Painted for Soles of Whistler – Whistler’s  newest shoe store!


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