Home Trend : Stone Accessories

MHD_hometrend_stone accessories_inspiration


Natural stone accessories have been popping up all over the place – from agate bookends to chunks of pyrite and marble bowls. I personally fell in love with the idea of adding natural stone pieces to my home decor, I included images from my home in the inspiration above (top right: grey agate bookends on my desk & bottom left: pyrite to accessorize my bar cart – as seen in our DIY: Bar Cart ). These stone pieces have amazing natural beauty and add interest and texture to your space.

Below I have featured some of the stone accessories available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC. What do you think of this trend? Would you accessorize your home with natural stone?

MHD_hometrend_stone accessories_avail


Inspiration Images: (clockwise from top left) 1. White Crystal, 2. Colourful bookend, 3. My personal agate bookends, 4. My personal pyrite chunk, 5. With Magnifying glass, 6. Marble bowls.

Product Images: Available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC. 1. Assorted calcite geodes, 2. White crushed stones, 3. Selenite terminated stones, 4. Grey soapstone bowl, 5. Selenite candle holder, 6. Agate bookends.


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