Designer Picks : Laura’s Knitted Comforts

MHD_designer picks_laura_knitted comforts


Knitted decor accessories have been appearing in all forms. This handcrafted influence is part of Benjamin Moore’s 2013 Colour Pulse called Flow.  Flow represents part of this years emerging trends, where something familiar from our past is being shaped into the new decor of today  with a modern twist. We are drawn to memories of the past, when times were simple and uncomplicated; these objects and memories bring warmth and comfort into our homes. Modern knitted decor comes in a full range of colours, from the traditional cream inspired by cableknit sweaters to a vibrant mix that adds a touch of texture and colour to a room. I was inspired by Benjamin Moore’s Colour Stories palette and the first colour I was drawn to just happened to be named Cable knit sweater!  (CSP-650) is described as a soft blue that reminds us of a cozy woven sweater on a brisk winter day. I have paired this steely blue with CSP-245, a warm white reminiscent of old porcelain platters called Stoneware and CSP-840, barefoot in the grass.

Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC. 1. Assorted knit throw blankets, 2. Knitted small vases, 3. Cable knit candles, 4. Soft cream blanket, 5. Assorted thick knit poufs.


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