Designer Picks : Katelyn’s Crystalline

MHD_designer picks_Katelyns Crystalline


One of my most treasured objects is a piece of Kyanite that was given to me years ago by a dear friend. The energy that surrounds me when carry this crystal is harmonious, positive and grounding. When starting a new design project sometimes a source of inspiration can be challenging to find. Why not source your inspiration from an already cherished object?

Wikipedia describes crystallinity as “the degree of structural order in a solid. In a crystal, the atoms or molecules are arranged in a regular, periodic manner. The degree of crystallinity has a big influence on hardness, density, transparency and diffusion…” In exploring the fundamentals of crystallinity in objects, furniture and art, I found myself a unique starting point for my Designer Pick’s this month.

The piece of kyanite above shows beautifully the periodic arrangement within crystals as well as their transparency and diffusion. Through my exploration of these components, I could not help but be drawn to this spectacular pendant light. It so clearly depicts structural order and transparency. The Apex pendant light is surely to stay on my “love it” list for some time. The simple, beveled edge hexagon mirrors can be mounted next to each other or dispersed; the versatility of these mirrors has me brainstorming all kinds of applications.  Also exploring the notion of diffusion is the Ink Study 3 print on canvas by artist Michelle McLean from WT Designs. The vivid blue wallpaper has a print reminiscent of a subway system which to me is an interesting social reflection of periodic order. While the ivory chair has arms that not only reach up and out as if to welcome you but its geometric simplicity is solid and timeless. The wedge coffee table is a unique sculptural piece that to me is the embodiment of all of the cystalline attributes. Its matte black steel frame is structurally solid while dispersing upwards and downwards to meet its top and base, it explores diffusion and transparency. The top is made of black glass which optically plays with density while also playing with reflection. Also playing with reflection is the mirrored glass panel at its base; this is truly a unique piece.

How does crystallinity inspire you?

Benjamin Moore inspired colours: Dune White 968, Subway Tile CSP-585, Emerald Isle 2039-20.

Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC. 1. Apex pendant light, 2. Kyanite Crystal, 3. Ink Study 3 by Michelle McLean, 4. Hex mirrors, 5. Stacy Garcia wallpaper, 6. Iron + mirror coffee table, 7. Perch chair in ivory leather.


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