Fashion Interior : Botanicals

mhd_fashion interior_botanicals


Fashion and home decor trends go hand-in-hand, whatever is popular on the runway will quickly become popular in home decor. The Spring 2013 runway shows featured many designers with collections full of bright botanical prints, ranging from mini prints to large over-scale abstract floral.

Botanicals are not a new trend in home decor, however they must be executed correctly for a fresh modern feel – unless you’re going for grandma vibe. A great way to incorporate modern botanical prints is through decor accessories, there are many options in both neutrals and fun pops of colour.

Try these Benjamin Moore colours for a fun, fresh, spring space: Lady Liberty 585, Scandinavian Blue 2068-30 + Amarillo 320.

Fashion Images: 1. S’13 Gucci, 2. S’13 Marni, 3. S’13 Gucci, 4. S’13 Marni, 5. S’13 Bottega Veneta , 6. S’13 Gucci.

Product Images: 1. Red floral throw cushion, 2. White ceramic flower top vase, 3. Turquoise floral detail ceramic decorative sphere, 4. Lavender faux flowers, 5. Pink patterned bowl, 6. Black tealight holder, 7. Chartreuse printed throw cushion, 8. Assorted light blue ceramic vases.


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