Designer Picks : Tegan’s Sweet Spring

MHD_designer picks_tegan_sweet spring

Oh sweet spring,
Is it true you are on your way?

With April upon us I find my anticipation level for a fresh start building inside me. I want to wander from room to room adding colour and fun. I want my surroundings to scream out, “Yes, you made it through another cold dark winter… and survived!”. The question is, what fabulous colours do I want to embrace at this time of year? Spring is a time for birth and rejuvenation and what better colour to reflect this than green. It is this colour, after all, that makes our hearts sing in the spring. If we look to the spring 2013 runways we see the trend of mix n’match pattern is continuing from last fall but with a bold new twist. Instead of tapestry inspired prints and dark tones, think acid greens with bold stripes and abstract floral patterns. For me, because I’m crazy for blue, I’m inclined to add some teals to my acid green pallet which will create a softness and tranquility to the otherwise vibrant colour.

J.F. Fabrics and wall coverings, shown here, demonstrate how incredible this combination can be. Pick a wall, add an amazing wall covering, have a few pillows made up and, voila!, spring is living inside your heart and home. If wall coverings are just too much for you to consider then keep it simple with a few new accessories. Add a bright throw, a vase, a piece of art and add new life to your living space! However you do it, enjoy embracing the most wonderful time of year!

Spring inspired Benjamin Moore colours: Pear Green 2028-40 + Capri Seas 2047-40.

Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC.


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