Designer Picks : Tamara’s Cool Tones

MHD_designer picks_5_tamara_spring


This cool tones decor scheme was inspired by Kenneth Torrance’s Leaf Photographs that capture the beauty of a leaf’s decomposition. The cool blues and greens within the prints are a great colour palette to decorate a calm, soothing and relaxing interior space. Try mixing these cool tones with bright white for a fresh touch and add in a few touches of natural brown pieces with texture to create a dynamic space.

Here I have featured my favorite decor pieces. 1. Kenneth Torrance Leaf Photographs as the scheme inspiration, 2. Hammered bronze pendant light to add texture and sheen, 3. Glass bubble spheres to add another nod to natural elements, 4. Waffle knit white throw for another layer of texture and comfort, 5. Patterned graphic pillows in the chosen cool tones, 6. Natural wicker multipurpose stool + coffee table, 7. Pairing of white pots for greenery, 8. White ceramic bowl & 9. A textured oversize clay vase in bright teal.

All available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC. Recommended Benjamin Moore Cool Tone colours: Cloud White CC-40, Teal Tone 663 + Chamomile 397.


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