DIY : Rock Weight Banner + Dipped Feather Garland

DIY_rock garland



Spool of jute
Hole punch

1.       Cut cardstock to desired size. Ours are approximately 5” x 6”.
2.       Using your pencil rough out block letters, one per card.
3.       With your medium tip sharpie trace pencil outline of the letters. Fill “shadow” with a fine tip sharpie using swift diagonal lines. Feel free to get creative with your lettering!
4.       Lay out your banner and determine how many rows and columns your will require. This will be helpful in the jute feeding process.
5.       Using your hole punch, punch holes in all four corners of your lettered cards and feed your jute through from front to back.
6.       Once all of your letter columns of fed, fasten them to a stick or wooden pole.
7.       To prevent them the banner from swinging around too much and also to add to its natural feel, tie rocks at the bottom of each string by wrapping and weaving the jute around.
8.       Voila! Your very own adorable, earthy banner. Fun for every occasion.


DIY_feather garland


Fishing line
Leftover Paint (preferably vibrant)

1.       Cut cardstock into a basic feather shape, we freestyled ours but you could always trace the shape of one from a photo online.
2.       Fold a crease down the centre of the feathers to immolate the spine.
3.       Cutting on angles into the “spine” we create a feather texture. Be sure not to cut all the way through!
4.       Dip feathers into  a tray or small pot of paint. We taped ours up on a ledge with cardboard underneath to dry.
5.       Poke holes through the card stock using a sharp pencil tip. Take care to keep holes as small as possible.
6.       Feed fishing line through tying knots under each feather to prevent them from sliding down.
7.       Tie fishing line to a pole or twig and hang for a whimsical dipped feather garland.


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