Colour Of The Month : Vermilion



Vermilion 2002-10, is our Benjamin Moore Colour Of The Month. Benjamin Moore describes Vermilion as “Inspired by the vibrant pigment that originated in China in the 8th century, this deep, dramatic orange-red is rich and regal. An elegant, self-assured choice for a dining room”. This bright, bold shade of red is sure to make an impact in any home decor application – a great way to add drama, warmth and a pop of colour to any space.

Where would you add Vermilion 2002-10 to your home?



Inspirational Images: 1. Red room, 2. Dress, 3. Print, 4. Berries, 5. Lips, 6. Swatch, 7. Lipstick, 8. Blazer, 9. Backdrop, 10. Kitchen, 11. Mouth, 12. Vases, 13. Living Space, 14. Love, 15. Theatre.


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