Designer Picks : Katelyn’s Iridescence

MHD_designer picks_Katelyns iridescence


Summer sunsets, sand & luxury. This month I am enjoying the concept of iridescence in the summer time. It brings to mind the reflection of light on the water and the sparkle of sand underfoot. There is a soft balance in the palette, warm and cool elements, as well as a hint of luxury that eludes to a great escape.

A few of my favourite pieces that embody this concept include this beautiful piece of art by artist, Kenneth Torrance. The random pattern of white forms reminds me of the nature of light reflecting off a surface. While the soft wash of colour in the background makes me think of the wash between water and sand. The assortment of vases above play with the concept of transparency, light and asymmetry. The Dominic sofa by Van Gogh Designs is simple yet luxurious in its tailoring. The piping details the silhouette of the piece while the back is punctuated with tufting. One of my favourite pieces is the wood and marble table; the Carrera marble lends to the glassy finish of undisturbed water while the wood base is rough and rugged like the Canadian coastline. Pull this look together with Ballet White OC-9, Sea Salt CSP-95 and Through the Looking Glass CSP-495 by Benjamin Moore and enjoy the last few weeks of summer time bliss.

Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC. 1. Abstract Painting, 2. Iridescent Glass Vases, 3. Tufted Sofa, 4. Wood + Carrera Marble  Table.


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