Designer Picks : Laura’s Back To School Basics

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Back to School Basics

September is approaching fast and that brings the “Back to School” flurry. It means back to schedules, home re-organizing and children’s room redecorating.

If you are decorating your kids room and are thinking of repainting- here are some colour theories to help you choose the right colour. Who knew you could create an environment that would stimulate creative and artistic abilities or help to heighten memory and assist in concentration. While using Benjamin Moore’s colour theories, here are our top four paint colours for your student’s room:

Blue- is perceived as a constant in our lives since it’s the color of the ocean and the sky; is soothing, calming, tranquil, and peaceful; is used to help babies with respiratory distress syndrome; decreases heart rate; may encourage individuals to be trustworthy, is committed and dependable.

Green- strengthens and preserves eyesight; alleviates depression, nervousness, and anxiety; is said to be the most refreshing color and the easiest on the eyes; brings peace, rest, hope, comfort, balance, and harmony; creates a sense of safety and security; is good for preemies or infants with gastro esophageal reflux syndrome.

Purple- is a rich uplifting color; may calm a colicky baby and foster peaceful sleep; inspires creativity and artistic talents; is associated with respect and spirituality; provides a sense of calmness; promotes inner strength; provides a soothing effect on the ears, eyes, and nervous system.

Yellow- is the most visible color; sparks optimism, enlightenment, energy, and creativity; stimulates mental activity and memory; is said to encourage expression and communication; is believed to heighten mentality and strengthen muscles; can assist in concentration, memorization, visualization skills, speaking, and writing; some research showed that babies cried more in yellow rooms.

With the colour of the room chosen, there are lots of fun, functional and organizational decorating tips to finish off your child’s space. Benjamin Moore has created chalkboard paint that can be made in any colour. Why not create a canvas for your kids’ artwork by painting an entire wall with chalkboard paint. Or if you have a high school student, create a monthly planner to help them track their schedules. Another great way to organize your student is with a corkboard- we just got a great one in that comes in squares for you to arrange in different designs.

While a functional desk and a comfortable chair is imperative for studying you can add some style to the look of your student’s room. There are lots of sleek desks with opening compartments to store away all the pens & paper when they are done studying.

FATBOY bean bag chairs are a hot new item in our store right now and would give the final touch on a comfortable spot to catch up on some reading. They are available in some great bright accent colours and some fun Marimekko  fabrics.

Have some fun redecorating your kid’s room- Using our tips and decorating advice I am sure you are both going to love it!

Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC. 1. White acrylic desk chair, 2. Glasses decorative object, 3. Yellow Fatboy beanbag chair, 4. Modern storage desk, 5. Benjamin Moore chalk paint, 6. Cork wall


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