DIY : Corkboard

DIY_cork board


DIY Corkboard

Be creative and make you own corkboard to show off your ideas!

Materials Needed:


DONA CONNA board 7/16” thick/ or a ceiling tile will work- buy at your local building supply store

Cork – you can but at local building supply

Adhesive- We used Lepages White Lightning- dries quick in 15 minutes

Sharp utility knife

Primer- Optional – to paint the cork board. We used Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Start Acrylic Primer

Paint- optional if you want to paint the cork board. We used Benjamin Moore’s Aura Matte shown tinted to HC-145 Van Courtland Blue

Roller & Cage

Brush- If you want to paint the frame


  1. Measure the inside of your frame & have your local building supply store cut the Dona Conna  board and cork to fit the inside frame dimensions. The Dona Conna board will be attached to the cork layer to give you depth to push your pins right through the cork on your corkboard.
  2. Glue the cork layer to the Dona Conna spreading the adhesive around the edges on the Dona Conna board ( not to close- about ¾” from the edge and make generous x’s to cover the surface.
  3. Turn the board over with the Dona Conna upwards and place weights ( we used quart paint cans) to apply pressure till the adhesive dries in 15 minutes.
  4. Once dried, flip the board so that the cork is facing you.
  5. Trim any excess Cork with a sharp utility knife.
  6. If you like the cork look- place the finished board into the frame , attach a hanger and you are done!
  7. Another look is to paint the cork. We applied one coat of Fresh Start Primer and three coats of the Aura Matte tinted to HC-145. This colour matched the colour of our showroom display wall.
  8. Once dry – place the painted cork board into your frame  and hang.

The finished look with the corkboard painted the same as you wall colour makes your Posts stand out and is shown framed in a natural wood finish! You are ready to Pin away with all of your ideas! Happy Pinning!!!


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