Inspired By : Austin, TX

MHD_inspired by_austin


‘Keep Austin Weird’ is the cities motto, which means anything different, artsy or eclectic is greatly welcomed. This capital city of Texas is unlike the rest of the state, filled with people from all over the world, Austin is a very unique city. To pull together an ‘Austin’ inspired home decor look began with the Texan inspired cow hide rug and the vintage exit sign for a rustic edge. The black wishbone chair and industrial light pendants add a modern touch when paired with the chrome, wood and black strap coffee table. To accessorize this home decor scheme with a little Austin kitsch, vintage trophies and a Boston Terrier silhouette felt pillow.

Try these Benjamin Moore colours: Red Stone 2009-10, Blue Spruce 1637 + Pelican Gray 1612.

MHD_inspired by_austin avail


Inspiration Images from Tourism Austin.

Product Images: 1. Black wishbone chair, 2. Industrial brass pendant lights, 3. Vintage inspired ‘exit’ sign, 4. Chrome trophy decorations, 5. Boston Terrier silhouette felt pillow, 6. Wood, chrome and black strap coffee table, 7. Brown and white cowhide rug.


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