Designer Picks : Katelyn’s Vignette

MHD_designer picks_Katelyns iridescence


A successful vignette not only adds warmth and personality to your home but it can also be a conversation starter. We all have small items that we treasure whether they are heirlooms, mementos from travelling or simply a funky object you couldn’t live without. It is important to surround yourself with the things you love. Consider your vignette a three dimensional still life of your life.

There are many places in your home to create such a display such as a bookcase, coffee table or countertop. There is no need to over crowd, consider simply a few items grouped together. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started:

1.       SELECT A THEME. Create a relationship between the objects and the theme of the room that you are creating the display in. Another approach to theme could simply be finding a common thread between your objects. Above, I have select a theme of natural specimens.
2.       ANCHOR. Select one larger key piece to build your vignette around. This will act as your anchor. In my example I would use the dinosaur bones as my anchor.
3.       ODD NUMBERS. Odd numbered groupings always look better than even. I have select 5 main pieces above; the dinosaur, the geodes in a bowl, the faux fossil in the cloche, the moss in the glass box and the magnifying glass.
4.       PLAY WITH HEIGHT. Play with the height of your objects. It is much more stimulating for the eye to move up and down. Always consider using coffee table books too if you feel you need a little boost.
5.       LAYER. Play with depth. Layer your items, work from back to front or centre out if your display is in the middle of the room. Play with transparency; consider a cloche or a glass box for your more prized processions.
6.       PLAY WITH TEXTURE. Texture adds interest. I really enjoy creating contrast through texture but you can also group similar textures.
7.       STAND BACK. Take a few step backs and look at your grouping from all angles. Play around with it until it feels balanced. If something doesn’t look right replace it with another piece. Keep playing with it until you feel it is visually pleasing.

Now that you have some ground rules, where are you going to set up your first vignette? Have fun with it! This is all about you and your treasures.

Benjamin Moore Vignette colours: CSP – 185 Plaster of Paris, CSP – 40 Museum Piece and CSP – 55 Gray Gardens.

Product Images: All available at Mountain Home Decor in Whistler, BC.


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